Hello everybody, I am Coffee Lam. I am a mother and a yoga teacher. Yoga not only brings me good health but also improves my self-confidence, giving me unprecedented satisfaction. The healing power of yoga calms my mind and simplifies my thinking. I also learn to accept the challenges of life optimistically. Many of you ask me, "Are you free from troubles?" I am an ordinary person. I face problems from different aspects of life, but I choose to deal with them with a positive attitude. As long as you feel positive, all problems will be solved. This is me.

"My life is not plain sailing all the way, but I change myself with actions."

I used to be a person who lacked self-confidence. I often felt stressed, and even cried for no reason, and my health was very poor at the time. I suffered from early-stage cervical cancer. When I worked in the old company, my biological clock was reversed, I even had to undergo cervical cancer surgery afterward. Unfortunately, I also got scleroderma. All of these diseases made me feel exhausted. Therefore I decided to change myself and I reflected on myself, "Why don't I learn something good for my body?" In the end, I chose yoga. At first, it was just for losing weight to some extent, but during the process of practicing, it improved my mood effectively and relieved my insomnia which lasted for seven years. I have never expected that yoga saved me through the trough of my life, it also becomes my lifelong career. I officially became a full-time yoga teacher in 2013 and started sharing yoga videos on Youtube in 2015.

“Rather than being in the spotlight, I prefer being a teacher. ”

“Fragments of life is a valuable experience”

Looking back the days after I terminated my contract with TVB, transformed for the sake of livelihood, I stepped out of my comfort zone surprisingly. No matter how busy I was at work, I felt empty. If my job can lead others to lead a healthier life, I would be very happy without earning a lot of money. Turning my interest into a career, I have never felt pressured or difficulty. After becoming a teacher, I began to receive positive comments from students. When I knew that my teaching had improved their pain, I also motivated some girls who did not exercise to start doing exercises. This made me very satisfied. It seems that more and more positive feedback is received. I still remembered meeting a 50-year-old waitress in a restaurant. She followed my teaching videos and lost 60 pounds in two years. This is a great encouragement to me. I am not a doctor, but I want to encourage everyone to work hard to become healthy. I often say that we should always strive to accomplish health and body goals. I hope to inspire everyone to move, take the first step to change, and slowly build up your confidence.

Being Positive Conquer Negativity

Believe in the Law of Attraction
Look at the bright side of life
Use positive power to attract what you want
Our good vibes would ultimately lead us to the desired destination

Break the rules
And Stand apart
Ignore your head
And follow your heart

Focusing on weight loss is not necessary
Instead, pay attention to the changes in body size
Hope to get a better shape
Hard work and sweat are essential
Nothing worth gaining was ever gained without effort
It may not be difficult to lose weight in the short term
Long-term perseverance is the most challenging
Hang in there

When life closes a door

Another door will be waiting for you
Failure or mistakes are temporary
You might blame yourself for bad luck
It might be due to the wrong decision
Or it might be due to your laziness and foolish
Don’t be discouraged. Don’t escape.
Learn from your mistakes
This is a good life experience
Practice not to repeat mistakes
Live a more courageous life

I don’t like running away from problems or difficulties

Either keep forging ahead or you keep falling behind
The more you fear, the more troubles you have
Find out your weaknesses
The more frustrated, the more you should overcome
Slowly you will find that you are no longer afraid
You will be surprised by the satisfaction brought by your hard work

There are millions of reasons to stop every day
Try to figure out “ I want…but…”
Try more and make excuse less
Don't be slowed down by your laziness
Try to be friends with hard work
You will have unexpected gains
Let us encourage each other

Life is not a straight road. If there is no road ahead, just turn around

Be a believer
"You are stronger than you know"
Sometimes it takes the sadness to know happiness, think positive and good things will happen
Be thankful for what you have ; you'll end up having more
Change your thoughts and you'll change your world
Everyday is a new chance to be a better person
Keep smiling everyday and carry on your own life

Coffee Lam
Actress and Yoga Tutor

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